Global Chat Rules Discord

  1. English
    Use private chat if you must speak in another language.

  2. No spamming
    Do not flood the chat with unnecessary messages.

  3. Remain civil
    Do not insult others. Bigotry, sexism, racism, homophobia etc. will not be tolerated. Excessive swearing will result in a warn and your message being removed.

  4. No inappropriate content
    Do not link any sexual content, adult-oriantated content, gore or screamers.

  5. No advertising Do not advertise other communities on Eithon’s platforms.

  6. No impersonation
    Do not use the same name or picture as another person on Eithon.

  7. No spoilers
    If you are discussing a book, movie or show and say something that anyone consider to be a spoiler, a moderator will remove your message and ask you to carry on the discussion in a private chat. If you are deemed to be intentionally spoiling for the sake of causing grief, the message will be removed and you will be given an official warning.

General Guidelines

  • Recommended age: 16
    The recommended age for being a part of the Eithon community is 16. However, this is by no means a “leave if you are not yet 16” age cap. We introduced it so people know what they can expect to see in this Discord server. If you are offended by what you see here we’ll of course listen to you, but we want to make it clear that we are not a PG-13 community.

  • Self promotion
    Feel free to post links to your own content (within reason). But bear in mind the following rule of thumb; Try to keep a 9:1 ratio, i.e. only 1 out of every 10 of your content should be self promotion. We won’t keep count, but if we see that you only use our platforms to selfpromote yourself, you will get a warning followed by a punishment if you continue (and your selfpromoting messages may be removed).

  • Stay on topic
    Try to keep your discussions in the appropriate channels (e.g. for pure League of legends discussions use Moba, for pure minecraft discussions use #sandbox)

  • Overly sensitive topics
    Please keep discussions about sensetive topics as war, religion, politics, feminism in private messages.

  • Overly personal topics
    We have full sympathy for you if you are depressed, are having problems at home etc., but global channels are not the place to discuss such matters. If you ever need to vent or get something off your chest, feel free to contact a staff member and they will try their best to support and help you!

  • Don’t join voice channels for no reason
    Don’t join voice channels unless you are going to take a part of the conversation. Exemptions apply. (such as asking if they’re cool with it etc.)

  • Respect eachother in voice chat
    Make sure to treat everyone in the voice chat well. Don’t flame the ones you are playing with unless you know for sure that they are fine with it. Also if you are in a voice chat where people would prefer it if you didn’t scream and shout all the time, please respect that.

  • Don’t change your name too frequently
    To give people a chance at knowing who is who, try to keep the nickname/username changes to a minimum. Preferably limit your name changes to once a month (Not as important if you are changing to something that is similar to your old name, as people will still recognize you)

Music Guidelines

  • Only queue actual songs
    Only queue actual songs. Don’t queue parodies unless you are sure everyone will appreciate listening to a parody and if you queue songs without the links, make sure you are specific.

  • No trolling Don’t queue songs only to troll/annoy others

  • No excessive negativity!
    Do not express excessive negative opinions towards others queued music (If you really dislike a song someone queues, just mute the bot for the duration of the song)

  • Don’t queue & leave Please just queue if you will stay and listen to them yourself (Don’t queue songs and then leave).

  • Diversity
    Don’t queue the same songs over and over.